Monday, March 21, 2011


John Cage said that sound, to him, doesn't have to mean anything. The example he gives is of traffic.
How unlike Mozart or Beethoven, it sounds different and detached to the rest of us. It is never
similar or predictable. He goes on to say that it is this sound that inspires him. It means nothing and that is fine.

I think it is probably why I love nature. The sounds that are produced there are for no one and yet, for every
one. Having grown up in the information age, it is quite easy (and 'mechanical') for one to train
their minds to analyze sounds they hear.
One part of it is social communication (talking, listening, singing, praying, chanting). When we
listen to other people talking, sub-consciously we start assimilating this information. With the help of
visual and other senses, we try to predict and react to this stimulation.
I guess that is probably a very basic or even animalistic instinct. To react to external stimuli.

This could be extended to explain the second part i.e. reacting to any kind of noise. My favorite
example is how as a kid, I used to recognize my dad's scooter from the wheezing sound it did. I used
to run to the gate to greet him. Here, the sound doesn't necessarily have to be verbal but it could be anything.
Anything that your brain has associated a context to. Anything that 'means' something.

It takes a lot of training to unlearn this knowledge and to look at sound as just an event, with nothing
else attached to it. To appreciate it for that moment and move on. To not attach a consequence or see
a purpose for the existence of that sound. Like the sound of water hitting the rocks on it's way down
the hill or the sound of traffic on a busy highway.

It is this random, illegible noise that makes you feel lighter, eases your mind and harmonizes your
breath. It will cleanse your brain of the worried dirt and makes your thoughts turn inwards. A lot can
be said about these sounds and their therapeutical effects. For ages, many have realized, practiced and
preached this wonderful gift of nature.

All of this is true for random thoughts as well, I would think. A thought that is not necessarily sandwiched in
any particular context. A thought that lives in it's moment and vanishes there after. A thought that doesn't bother
the mind with extended questions but just serves it purpose of bringing momentary delight to it's bearer.
Such a thought is dispassionate. It is stated and understood, all in that fraction of second. It might become
the object of other thoughts but it, in itself is complete and independent of every thing else.

I wonder how it would be! To appreciate nothingness!

Friday, February 27, 2009

memories these are, sublime!!!

Just dropped by, to get a taste of this lost recipe. Glad to find that it's still got "it" :)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Rainy day thoughts!!!

The rain just washed away the dirt from the lane
every sleight of hand every trick in the game
the streets started swelling with "life" again
far away from here, its still peaceful and sane

with my hands in my pockets, my shoes painted brown
i started roaming aimlessly in this part of the town
the rain is forgotten now; in to gutters its water has flown
i stood at one corner, trying to understand what I've known

"are you fine?" said a voice softly from behind
I closed my eyes and I tried to freeze my mind
all the thoughts and memories it had; now purged and drained
to finally see that one moment as it was defined

Now walking slowly towards the canal, i started to sing
no new tune I could think of; its all going out of sync
there are times when its comforting not to think
not to try, not to fight ; just to succumb and sink

With inputs from Manasi and Archana

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eternal bliss of a drunken mind!!!

i'm free now, i'm all free
i'm free now, i'm hating this

i'm free now, with no real place to go
i'm free now, with no cross on my shoulders to carry
i'm free now, with no thought in my mind
i'm free now, with no one to worry about

i'm free now, i'm all free
i'm free now, i'm loving this

i'm free now, i'm thoughtless about life,
it can just go on and on, with no real reason and i don't mind
i'm free now, the walls i built for myself just vanished
they don't seem real now, they are gone forever

i'm free now, i'm all free
i'm free now, i'm seeking this

i'm free now, i can see the sun though these moonlit clouds
i'm free now, things seem real to me
the shadows behind me turned bright and vanished
the light came from every where, shone right into my eyes

i'm free now, i'm all free
i'm free now, i'm indifferent to it

i'm free now, the roads are all lit up
i'm free now, the cops are all gone home for the day
i'm free now, i can drive anywhere i want to
i'm free now, i have enough fuel to burn the night away

i'm free now, i'm all free
i'm free now, i'm thinking about this

i'm free now, i'm not listening to the noise out there
not because i don't want to but because i can't hear anything
its just a crazy ramble to me, i'm really far away from that
i'm free now, let it be this way

i'm free now, i'm all free
i'm free now, seems like this is the paradise

Thursday, October 11, 2007

jayanti te sukrutino
rasa siddhaaha kaviis`varaaha
naasti teeshaam yas`ahkaaye
jaraa maran`ajam bhayam
-Bhatruhari (Circa 450)

Great poets, by their works, have become great accomplishers.
They have no fear of old age and death. They have a body of fame and reputation

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I'm going to miss you, i know that much for sure
I also know that there is no workaround; no cure
I started on this journey thinking i could make it through; i could endure
But now its just so tough to convince my mind, when my heart is all azure

You are the one, in this world, that I would love to be with, beyond any doubt
Your conversations make me see all that I know and all I that need to learn about
You dance like an angel and induce your charm, all along the route
I start missing you the very next moment you say 'good bye' and step out

I just love the way you look when you get angry and are in a mood to fight
The honest feelings in your face, your lips at times locked so tight
The grace with which you sway your head over to left and then, to right
Your entire face slowly turning a little red, which was till then, all white

I know i can never have you, how much ever try, i may
But its just some deep feeling down inside that makes me say
That you are the only person who can make my heart sway
And there is nothing i would not do if i knew you would come my way

Consider this as my parting gift; my feelings wrapped in the best fit
Probably things will change when i'm gone; at least a bit
But i would remember the times we had together and in my mind, keep them lit
And leave the rest to the 'Gods' and say to my self "as luck would have it"


Dedicated to that real special "lady" in my life. I'm so gonna miss her.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


you will always have a choice... between doing something that pretty much seems to be a logical consequence and doing something thats totally wild and crazy . Hence, what has to happen, doesn't really equate to what's destined to happen but rather, how particular you are about (not/)choosing this "path of destiny". It sounds silly, steering through what's only supposed to be natural and pre-determined but I think its something different to that. I think there is nothing really defined, anywhere. There are only sign boards, no barricades. If you want to chalk your life based on these sign boards, so be it. You will arrive at the exact, pre-determined point some time sooner or later. But if you, for a second, wish to ignore the boards, it totally turns in to a different game.

However, most of us prefer the comfort and cushioning that comes from the "god-chosen" path, partly because if something goes wrong, you could always blame your destiny/fate/lines on your forehead or palm, how crooked they are and leave it there. Another reason could be that you believe in fate so much that it would be sacrilegious for you to even think of doing anything out of those premonitions. Yet another could be that you are trained to think so logically and sequentially, it becomes tough for you to accept the rationale behind choosing something thats foreign and totally out of context.

I have been through many such cross-roads in my life where I had to choose between the sanity and serenity of a logical consequence and the wild. Though I cannot boast to be a totally path-breaker or a rebel, I had many incidents where I just did the opposite to what's only evidently imminent. I preferred that no-path to path, that wild to civility, that dream to reality. At times, it was worth it and at times, it was not. There were times when I cursed myself for pulling myself in to this puddle but every time i entered that, I only came out stronger. This, I think is what's "destined" :) Of course, I could choose to not come out of it, which could have been the other possibility but I could never venture to take that path. May be, I'm trying to be logical again or no. I'm not sure.

Well, looking back at what I wrote just now, I think I have reached the end of a circular hoop. Its only getting round and round, me just trying hard to move randomly and "he", just pulling me back to the circle. All I'm doing right now is probably saying out loudly that "his" will is greater and worthier than mine while humming the song "I want to break free" with in my mind


PS: I know this ends inconclusive and abrupt, but this is all i got, for now! Probably, some thing different to how posts are usually destined to end :P

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Confession is no crime!!!

The following post is fictitious. Its here solely for the worth of it and nothing else :D

oh pretty woman, dressed in silver and cotton
little do you know what you've done and forgotten

you just stabbed a man with your cold hearted smile
he looked back at you, frenzy, confused and frail

you proved your wits, you made your point
you made him a victim of your smartness and feint

you were so unresponsive, you didn’t care for his pain
he lingered there in the sunny afternoon, waiting for the rain

little did he know that confession was crime
"fools do it", u spoke through those eyes, sublime

indifference is what this world is all about
who cares if one can or not see the clout

things are merely thrown down the lane
no labels left; no sign of trouble or pain

I honestly can't see how aloof can people get
you just spoke to him yesterday and now, you forget

he waved at you, hoping to see a smile on your face
all you give him back is a scary moment to embrace

you may be right, he might be just another fool for you
but even fools can be condescended with an amiable view


Friday, March 23, 2007

The Lie!!!

The Lie!!!
by: Sir Walter Raleigh

O, Soul, the body's guest,
Upon a thankless arrant!
Fear not to touch the best;
The truth shall be thy warrant:
Go, since I needs must die,
And give the world the lie.

Say to the court it glows
And shines like rotten wood;
Say to the church it shows
What's good, and doth no good:
If court and church reply,
Then give them both the lie.

Tell potentates they live
Acting by others' action,
Not loved unless they give,
Not strong but by a faction.
If potentates reply,
Give potentates the lie.

Tell men of high condition
That manage the estate,
Their purpose is ambition,
Their practice only hate:
And if they make reply,
Then give them all the lie.

Tell them that brave it most,
They beg for more by spending,
Who, in their greatest cost,
Seek nothing but commending:
And if they make reply,
Then give them all the lie.

Tell zeal it wants devotion;
Tell love it is but lust;
Tell time it is but motion;
Tell flesh it is but dust:
And wish them not reply,
For thou must give the lie.

Tell age it daily wasteth;
Tell honor how it alters;
Tell beauty how she blasteth;
Tell favor how she falters:
And as they shall reply,
Give every one the lie.

Tell wit how much it wrangles
In tickle points of niceness;
Tell wisdom she entangles
Herself in over-wiseness:
And when they do reply,
Straight give them both the lie.

Tell physic of her boldness;
Tell skill it is pretension;
Tell charity of coldness;
Tell law it is contention:
And as they do reply,
So give them still the lie.

Tell fortune of her blindness;
Tell nature of decay;
Tell friendship of unkindness;
Tell justice of delay:
And if they will reply,
Then give them all the lie.

Tell arts they have no soundness,
But vary by esteeming;
Tell schools they want profoundness,
And stand too much on seeming:
If arts and school reply,
Give arts and school the lie.

Tell faith it fled the city;
Tell how the country erreth;
Tell manhood shakes off pity;
Tell virtue least preferreth:
And if they do reply,
Spare not to give the lie.

So when thou hast, as I
Commanded thee, done blabbing,--
Although to give the lie
Deserves no less than stabbing,--
Stab at thee, he that will,
No stab the soul can kill.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Yeah, true!! This is one of my recently found 'fillers' for my other wise excessively productive pass time. I was officially 'introduced' to the world of art cinema through one of the blogs that I came across. Even though I did watch a handful of art movies much before, thanks to Doordarshan, for telecasting the regional and art films every Sunday and to a few film festivals, I'm still a self-confessed art movie virgin, partly because I never really had the patience nor the pertinence to understand the richness and depth of these movies. Of course, I must add here that I never dared to underestimate or criticize these movies because I very well knew that their purpose and worth is grander than what my brain could gracefully perceive and accept.

So, apparently, my first step in to this world of 'sophistication' wasn't that easy. All I had was a strong motivation and a loosely bound taste, gained from some random movies that I watched earlier. Thats it!!! Unfortunately, this is not enough. My past experiences have particularly taught me that for sustaining any sort of interest in a newly acquired hobby, the motivation factor would not be of much help. I'm sure it would certainly give the much needed initial kick to get started on, but unfortunately, its very volatile and its effects, ephemeral. In long term, the only thing that would support our pursuits and nurture them, is the psychological vivacity they bring to us. The kick or rather, the high they give us is what it counts. For instance, I still remember how many of my friends, due to sheer motivation factor, end up with me at the gym or on the jogging track only to quit that soon enough to ever not remember about all that again.

And then, they start pouring out this endless list of reasons, ranging from bad timings to improper fitness levels to busy work schedules and a thousand more. But to me, all these mean just one thing. They are not suited for this. They just cannot come because it’s not their cup of tea.

Keeping in my mind, this limitation that every one of us can pursue only a subset of all the possible ‘cultivations’, I embark on this ‘trail period’ of mine to have a panoramic ‘peek’ of the world of art cinema, trying to nibble a few pieces of the so called elite to see if I can digest that.

Well, the next obvious question would be how do you go about? As I said, even though the way I got in to this was certainly, if not totally, influenced, I don't want the course of this journey to be impelled, at any rate. Treading this path is risky and at times, lengthy but certainly interesting and adventurous. I know the play ground is vast and pretty much tricky but I don’t mind a bruise or two to get a little seasoned. However, this adventure of mine must not be construed to being something like a blind man’s buff. I still need some assistance. But this would be pretty much limited to the ‘information gathering’ than anything else. I certainly don’t seek to replicate wisdom or actuate mental shadowing. I just want some inputs. That’s all. The rest, I’ll leave it for my mind to interpret (or not).

The first and the most important tool that I would require in this process is an understanding of the difference between the art and the commercial cinema. Well, the boundaries are a little blurred and at times, broken these days, thanks to the burgeoning popularity and the accompanying commercial success of the art cinema. For now, let’s put it this way. A commercial cinema is guilty of entertainment, primarily producing ‘popular genre’ films comprehensible for the masses, with the prime motive of profit making. On the other hand, an art movie is rather serious, non-commercial and an independently made film, usually for the elite and intellectual audience, with a rather obscure and thought provoking subject and taking.

Film scholar David Bordwell outlined the academic definition of "art film" in a 1979 article entitled The Art Cinema as a Mode of Film Practice, which contrasts art films against the mainstream films of classical Hollywood cinema. Mainstream Hollywood-style films use a clear narrative form to organize the film into a series of "...causally related events taking place in space and time," with every scene driving towards a goal. The plot for mainstream movies is driven by a well-defined protagonist, fleshed out with clear characters, and strengthened with "...question-and-answer logic, problem-solving routines, (and) deadline plot structures." The film is then tied together with fast pacing, musical soundtracks to cue (or 'spoon-feed') the appropriate audience emotions, and tight, seamless editing. Mainstream films tend to use a small palette of familiar, generic images, plots, verbal expressions, and archetypal "stock" characters.

In contrast, Bordwell states that "...the art cinema motivates its narrative by two principles: realism and authorial expressivity" Art films deviate from the mainstream, "classical" norms of filmmaking in that they typically deal with more episodic narrative structures with a "...loosening of the chain of cause and effect". As well, art films often deal with an inner drama that takes place in a characters psyche, such as psychological issues dealing with individual identity, transgressive sexual or social issues, moral dilemmas, or personal crises.

The protagonists in art films are often facing doubt, anomie or alienation, and the art film often depicts their internal dialogue of thoughts, dreams, and fantasies. In some art films, the director uses a depiction of absurd or seemingly meaningless actions to express a philosophical viewpoint such as existentialism.

So far, so good!!! Now, for the second step, i.e. choosing the director. This has been pretty easy for me. I know there are lot many great directors out there and so, in order to make my life easier and less random, I searched for an authoritative rating of the best art movie directors. Guardian came to my rescue. They have not only listed the 40 best contemporary directors and their works, but also gave the ratings based on various directorial qualities like Substance, Craft, Originality, Intelligence, etc . Wikipedia as well, listed out some of the famous art directors on its ‘Art Films’ page. Since both these lists overlap to a great extent, it’s a comfort for me ‘coz now, I don’t have to follow two different lists.

To start with, I’ve picked up David Lynch’s ‘The Elephant Man’. I wanted to start with ‘Mulholland Dr’ but I could not get a copy of it. Also, I chose to watch Krzysztof Kieslowski’s colors trilogy, to explore how best he tired to emulate the grandness of the three virtues symbolized by the three colors of the French flag, namely Blue, White and Red. I shall talk more about these films in my later posts.

For now, its movie time!!!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Kiss!!!

Now, you people should excuse us for the lack of any cheer and delight in our posts. It usually happens that our bloggers come to work only when they feel hopelessly miserable and mentally wasted. They say its all to do with the pay but who cares? We publish their idiotic posts for free. That should be the biggest favor ever done to them.

Anyway, to make up for this dearth of 'amusement', our 'Reader Retention(?) Team' has decided to adapt (some people prefer the word 'stealing', which we strongly object) various funny/interesting/cheerful/lively (and all the related adjectives) posts from popular sites, even though that would clearly mean accepting the lack of any notable skills in our bloggers.

As a part of this 'out reach' program, we proudly present you the first post. Hope you people would enjoy this and please, please do return back. We promise to provide you with better entertainment. We might not be original but we strive to be popular (and No, we are not Microsoft!!)


PS : We are not in any way, endorsing the product(s)/service(s) referred to, in the posts. I'm sure even if we did, no one would consider us seriously. This is a very casual disclaimer, like one of those statutory warnings on the cigarette packs. People who buy them don't care and people who don't, won't bother)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Mental Eclipse!!!

how many times, how many times
should i carry this pain, that afflicted my heart from deep inside
should i try not thinking about something i would love to
should i act as if i'm really fine when i'm so far away from being anything close to it
should i stop those rush of tears, only to save myself from looking like an idiot
should i choose staring at vacant spaces and thin air to people and objects
should i heave out heavy breaths to subdue my fear and my anxiety
should i resist myself from leaving everything around me and start running to some place unknown
should i listen to those woeful lot of songs only to be more pathetic and hopeless
should i go around this world pretending that I still have faith in what's in store for me
should i spend those awful nights in bed doing nothing but brooding over everything that happened, both good and bad
should i keep looking for something that i very well know i would never find
should i keep worrying about losing something that i never had
should i keep tripping over every other block in the tunnel, searching for the light

how many times, how many times
there is something wrong; Either with me or with the world around me
why the heck this place doesn't seem to built for a person like me?
whose mistake is this? who should be blamed?
no trick works, no remedy applies, it seems rooted
or is it all illusion? is it just something delusive?
is it his creation or just my own assumption?

i don't know, i seriously don't know
i need the answers to these questions, to these troubled thoughts
i need some thing to happen; to keep my faith going
i need a hand that drives away all these fears, these stigmas surrounding me
i need a friendly chide that would bring me back to my normal senses
i need a shadow that would prove me that there, indeed, is light
i need a voice that sings in unison with that of mine
i need some comfort from the treacherous journeys of psychological trivia

i don't know what i wrote just now, neither do i intend to know
it's not a poem; neither is it, a prose; mental snapshots, if you would like to call so
i have these gravitative thoughts, growing high now and then, would go down low
trying to create some tides in the vast, otherwise still, futile pond of human intelligence
the shores have already given up the intention to meet the tides; they are sleeping
the moon needs to shine more brighter, they say in their dreams;

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

All the Road Running!!!

As everything has a beginning, so do they have an ending. Though, most of the times, the beginning is lost amidst of all the exhilaration and excitation and the brouhaha that would follow, the ending, quite contrary, is marked significantly and evidently. Probably, that’s one of the reasons why most of us hate the endings (of course, only those that had a memorable, if not good 'history'). I still remember how much i hated to see the words 'The End' in a movie. Be it a tragic, heart-aching or a totally depressing movie (well, in those days, watching a movie was a privilege...it didn't matter what genre it belonged to, as long as it was a movie) , I always preferred watching it to time infinitude than moving out of the theatre.

But the hard fact, though, is that the movie would end sometime and I would start feeling bad about it. For once, I would feel that my life is being taken away from me and that I would have to forcibly concur with some supreme destiny than that of my own (in here, its the theatre owner's will :)). With a heavy heart, I would move out of the theatre, reminiscing on all the wonderful movements I had, the fancy food (by fancy, i mean the samosas and the cola drinks. Yeah, it was supposed to be a luxury back then...'come on, now...you need an occasion to munch up on such delicacies) I had, the cozy little seat I sat, the string of unconnected and at times, stupid, non-graphic ads that rolled on during the interval, the smoke rings that would some how sneak in to the theatre from the hall way, chocking the 'family crowd' sitting next to the exit doors, the countless number of people busy moving in and out, at times, seemingly aimless and at times, real busy, the dim lights filling the hall, making it both darker and brighter at the same time, the sound of glass cola drink bottles rolling everywhere on the floor, the pretty face of the heroine, her curvaceous body and her lovely looks, the comedians and many more.

The empty roads on my way back home would make no sense to me. They would only make me feel sad and lonely. They always seemed to jeer at me for loosing something that I (thought) had once. Something that I got so involved, only to realize that it meant nothing now, whatsoever. I always hated when things were not what I wanted them to be. But as I soon realized, it is how life treated me; giving things, that I never thought I would have and then take them away from me so hard and so sudden that before I realized, I would be back at the same place again, back on the same road again, wondering what the hell has happened and how the heck did i end here again. Nothing in between seems real. They are just memories. This is when I started feeling that there is nothing real in the life, but for the black, long, unwinding road. No matter how hard I tried avoiding this stretch, I would somehow end up there; From what I wanted to be to what 'he' wants me to be.

The show’s packing up, i sit and I watch
The carnival leaving town
There’s no pretending that I’m not a fool
For riding around and around
- Mark Knopfler


PS : Adapted from the original text drafted on 24 Feb, 2007
KRishna :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Fisher's Lovebird!!!

I walk the surface of this planet everyday
Hoping to find something valuable, pretty and gay

Something I can cherish for my entire life
Something that gives me pleasure and happiness in rife

Thinking about this, I was passing through the meadows one night
The moon was beaming with full radiance and bright

The cool breeze from the north, gently touching my skin
Disappeared in to the night taking away its invisible gleen

The tall cold mountain on the background played the detached witness
To many visitors like me who never bother to acknowledge it's aliveness

It seem to be busy gazing at the pole star,
Standing in the night sky, like a tall altar

The little stream of water, flowing through the rocks
Bouncing the moon light, it swept through the land blocks

Carefully I crossed it, trying not to disturb its course
Managing my movements around these rivulets, nice and terse

As I moved aimlessly in these plains, trying to figure out my course of action
Something from the far, racing anxiously towards me, caught my attention

She is a cute little fischer’s love bird, with orange cheeks, forehead and throat
She had grey feet and legs; Her green feathered wings flapped hard, just to stay afloat

She came near me and sat my on shoulder, pricking me with her little red beak
Probably seperated from some loved ones, alone she was, like me, sad and weak

I placed my finger near her face and she greeted me with gaiety
I played with her little shining forehead, admiring her beauty

I took her with me back to my place,
Gave her food, water and tied a beautiful satin lace

She was my darling; I loved her with my whole heart
Day and night, I took care of her right from the start

She would sing for me and dance as well a little
But I could see that the happiness in her heart was brittle

I never kept her restricted to any cage or cell
'Be as you wish, it’s your place', I would tell

One day, I went to the market, to get her some food
Leaving my window wide open, as I always would

As I came back home and started preparing her lunch
I heard another strange voice, in the hall from across the bench

I rushed out of the kitchen to make sure 'she' was fine
In there he was, another lovebird standing next to mine

I wanted to shoo this guy away, trying to protect her
Only to realize that amongst us three, it was I who was stranger

Probably an old lover of her, he whisked his beak through her furr
Making her realize all that she missed these days; how useless they were

He then swayed around swiftly and vanished out of the room
She turned to me, flew over my shoulder, and chirped in gloom

Now looking away from me, towards the window
She stared through it, watching her lover go

At once she bounced off my shoulder and up she rose
Meandered through the house a little and out she goes

Now I’m here, back to where I started, standing alone,
Thinking about her, looking the way she was gone

Cursing my self, I sat in the company of my shadow,
Brooding helplessly on why at all I entered that meadow

Life for some people is a string of choices
It’s a spread for them; a huge bed of beautiful roses

For others, it’s nothing more than a pain
Something that ties them down; a bloody chain

Little do these people have in their lives, to cherish
But for the memories and the sweet pains of anguish!!!

No: of times edited : 5 :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Bathtub Philosophy!!!

Life this is, very different from what it appeared
Change is the only constant thing, a wise man said

I have these moments, these glimpses that arise
Tyring hard to convey something I would never realize

"Solace is what you want now", something said,
"Its your tub!! you know that, don't you, kid??"

I turned the taps and filled it to the brim,
Its more than just water, its mystic and bedim

As I sat, little bubbles started raising to the surface,
Probably trying to shake a hand with those sunrays

Only some make it to the top while the rest disappear during the course
Its probably more due to the belief in survival that any other force

A new lesson learnt, a new thought began
The tub never repeats anything during its span

Its water never remains the same
Just as the lives we lead always change

Now i'm out of the tub, looking very pale
The moisture on the face turned a little ale

I started coughing and gasping for breath
Seems like oxygen in this world is in dearth

"Finally you are out", greeted my people
Little did they know how i hate their babble

Life outside the water feels so bad
It took away all the intellections that i had

Its full of people with no thoughts and direction
Those who follow the chore, both in sense and in action

When solitude is all that my mind yearns,
There's nothing desirable than my little pond of observance !!!

PS : This is my first poem. So, please...please...be a little kind in your critisisms...TIA :)

PS(PS): I wish I waited a couple of more days before I wrote this.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Neo-Socialism, anybody????

Besides my recent found interest in fiction, there is something that has been getting me quite occupied. Its nothing but the good old, "not-so-valid", "out-of-vogue", "remotely-existing" or rather, "almost-extinct" political functionalism called 'Marxism'.
Though I'm not an authority in Marxism, I’m not a total virgin in that area either. I did read some of the books written by Karl Marx and Fredrick Angels and most of the times, I hardly understood anything but constant call for the revival of the proletariat and the need for a united social revolution aimed against the bourgeois.
All these times, I just brushed them off thinking that in today's world of decreasing social divides and bourgeoning democracies, there is hardly any need of such demands. However, now i feel that I'm not totally right. Partly because I very well know that the last substantial opinion I had on socialism and its allied political systems was way far in the past, probably at an age when i was a little immature of making any informed views and partly because as against to my perception of decreasing social divides, today we could find the societies rifting apart wide and open, making the possibility of a social bridge between them all too impossible. I somehow feel that the each side has now become very self-centered and started looking at the other with a sense of suspicion and spite than mutual agreeableness and acceptance. Or is it something really age old? May be!!!

Well, as always, I don't have explicit examples to back up my views and what ever I said here are the interpretations of some personal observations and some pieces of information that I've picked up from various media.
I'm not, at the same time, suggesting a total change in the political structure nor am I hinting on the utter failure of the democracy. Something is missing. The rope has become too saggy somewhere, there by blocking the progress. Well, the basic reason for all this, as I see, is the lack of will power to bring about a change in the society, a deeply rooted habit of ignorance and indifference towards the society, the lack of a strong political commitment; the lack of a youthful vigor full of enthusiasm, confidence and selflessness.
Remember, this should not be taken for complaining. No, I'm not. I'm just trying to find some answers to some questions. That’s it. I need to think.
PS : I know this sounds incomplete and partly, vague. But these are just the raw, not-so-well connected thoughts. As I said, I need some more time to get something sensible out of this.
PS(PS) : Now, you guys must know that all this was due to the hangover from the movie 'The Motorcycle Diaries', which I watched yesterday, and from the lives of Che Guevara and Leon Trotsky that I've been reading a lot these days. Slowly, my interests in Marxism are being re-vitalized.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Bloody Complexifier!!!

At times I realize how mighty dumb I'm. I just cannot express my thoughts to others without packing them in thick sheets of obscurity and frivolity, which, by the way, ruin the basic purpose behind my expressions. 'Intelligent', is what people think but I would prefer 'complicated moron'.
I think I have started mastering the art of complicating things just for nothing. A whole lengthy paragraph with words spewed over it like a splash of mud water covering the entire front of a white wall, but nothing. An unwinding thought, full of pre and post references to incidents both personal and global, but nothing. A long, complicated sentence consisting more number of prepositions and conjunctions than nouns and verbs but nothing. Lately, I've started feeling that my mind has stopped having any rationally formed thought. A central idea and many surrounding thoughts; before the central idea places itself firmly on my mind, the other thoughts just swoop in and start demanding attention. Call it attention to detail, I know only a pig would do that, my mind starts trying to place these thoughts in to the frame and miss over the central theme. So, at the end, you have a dog, you have a garden, you have a small bone in the mouth of the dog, the picturesque sunset, the thickly grown grass, the kissing couple on the next bench but where is 'She'????????? Sorry but ‘She’ has to wait. We are busy trying to place that stupid big useless lawn mower somewhere in here.
Hmmm.....such a waste...
Oh and btw, yes, i did not really convey the stuff I wanted to...in some other post, may be

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Vampire is back!!! Go get some blood, just in case ;)

never thought i would come here again...but yeah, thats how life's supposed to be, isn't...things that you think would never happen would keep knocking your door and those that you always wanted to (happen) diffuse in to the thin air, to disappear forever....
from the last time i posted, nothing much changed. I mean, I have certainly grown a few months older, went overseas, got a couple of MBA admits, changed jobs and also, (may be) danced a little :) but 'nothing much' has changed. I'm at the same place where I was and probably, this (frustration) pulled me back here...some place to blurt/cry/shout/swear at your troubles and get a little sympathy...
for those self professed idealists : yes, we are here to get a little consolation in our troubles, a little appreciation for our achievements, a little adivise for our problems and a little hug to make us feel good; basically, to carve out a little identity for ourselves in this vast and largely unconcerned world. But for these, the good old diary would suffice to journal our feelings.
Anyway, today, I'm gonna talk about a peculiar yet reccurring phenomenon with my life, which, if I have to put in a line, would look like this:
"Expectation always delays the outcome"
Well, how many times should I have said to myself these words but yet, i fall for the same temptation again and then, brood over the folly.
I very well know that I can neither prove this through a derivation nor through a random sampling over a considerable population but I can, for certain, vouch that I did realize this through a series of incidents, both big and small.
To give a simple example, I would get a call from a friend when I least expect it and literally never when I keep looking at the phone for every 10 mins, hoping that it would start ringing magically the moment I look at it.
To extend this concept, some of the best things that happened to me have been very random, totally un-awaited and remotely expected. My london trip, for example was one of the most memorable incidents that ever happened to me and I never planned that. It just happened. One thing followed the other and before I could realize (anything), I was in London already. Some of my friends would certainly tell how unprepared or shud I say, 'unorganized', I was (for those ppl who are unaware, I went to UK and Spain during last Oct).
I'm not sure how many of those ppl who read this have gone through a similar thing and if yes, please let me know 'coz I would love to know I have company.
In some unrelated news, the world is still almost spherical and london is 5.5 hours behind hyderabad :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

On TV!!!!!

I'm Gonna Be on TV!!!!!!!!!!!Surprise!!!!!!

keep watching this space for more details!!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday, Blog!!!!

Hi Bloggy,
On behalf of all your readers, the blogger wishes you a very Happy Birthday...He promises to patronize you like this forever (Conditions Apply).
Well, the blogger himself has been finding it really HARD to believe that he has been consistent in doing something, and that too, for ONE YEAR...my god, you must be lucky!!
He also thanks you for being with him, during high and low times, all through this year and most importantly, for listening patiently to all the junk he poured out over here. He conveys his best wishes to you in your future endeavors.
Since this is your first birthday, as a present, the blogger gives you a new 'OUTFIT' for the day. Hope you like that.

Anyway, have a nice time with all those other co-blogs and do invite them to your party, particularly, those from the female bloggers. After all, even you need some fun!!!!

Loads of Luv,

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Bliss of the Solitude!!!!!

It was 12:00 PM already by the time I got off from my bed today ...well, that’s partly because it's a Sunday and more than that, I was pretty much tired due to the train journey last night....I 'quickly' got ready, reached my aunt's place, picked up mom, dropped her off at sister's and headed to the gym.
By the time I reached the place, it was 2:10 PM already. I was hardly surprised to see none there. In fact, I would have been much more 'surprised' (read embarrassed) if I found that half-naked guy I saw last week around at this time.
The entire place was pretty much dark and dull, probably, due to the lack of lights. I tried to find the switches but was in vain. Finally I gave up and thought I would start off with my jogging (before some one comes in and spoils the bliss of solitude). I switched on the music system and it was Britney there, crooning joyously about fooling some guy...huh....for one sec, I just felt how it would have been so "unacceptable" if n-sync or BSBs sang about cheating on their GFs....
Having figured out that these songs would not help me in my jogging (believe me, music really matters while working out. It would be really hard to run at 12 kmph while listening to 'Strangers in the night'), I switched on the TV and tuned in to Star Movies. It was 'Cocktail' that was being played. Not sure if any you ppl have watched that movie but I like that movie. Not just because of Elizabeth Shue (who, was amazing, by the way) but also because of the story line. Anyway, by the time I tuned in, I already missed almost 60% of the movie... In fact, to be exact, it was when Tom knew that Shue was pregnant. By the time Tom got 'spoofed' for the last time in the movie, I was at 5.2 kms on the treadmill, which was decent because I was just planning for a 5.5 today.
To round things off, I decided to make it 6. But guess what the next movie was?? the Child’s Play 2!!! yuuuccckkkk...I can't stand that movie at all. Particularly, the doll..it just freaks me out...so, I tried my luck with other channels but none seemed to prove any better. So I switched off the TV. This made the room even more darker. Just then, I realized the glass screens were all closed...I thought I would take them off so that I could at least have a good peek at the nature and finally, some light in the room other than the one from the TV CRT Screen.
Before I go any further, I should tell you about the geography of the room a little. As any other normal room, it has four walls (stop it!!)...However, the wall facing the treadmills has a huge glass window with white porous screens. The window almost covers half of the perimeter of the wall. The TV hangs on the other half of the wall over a suspended base support. The climbers are placed on the left of the treadmills facing the north of the room. Apparently, the people who use this don't have the privilege to watch the TV unless they stain their neck a lot...
Coming back, I paused the tread mill, got to the window and pulled aside the screens. As I saw through the glass windows at the sky, I was mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the nature. I had a wonderful view of the sky, the distant hills and the fluffy grey clouds...for once, I felt so ecstatic that I could hardly think of anything else other than the grace with which the drifting clouds moved over the background of the blue sky torn beautifully at the edges by the surrounding hillocks...I'm neither a poet to capture that beauty in the words nor a painter to freeze it with life on the canvas... I ain't a photographer to frame it on a film...neither am I, a dancer to blend with in it... I was just a layman standing there totally submerged in the beauty….
Still caught in it, I got on to the treadmill to finish off the left over business. I don't know why but I could not practically take off my look from the scenery, until the treadmill started beeping. I looked down and lo!!! I completed a 10k...wow, Before this happened, I would have never agreed that I could run a 10k watching mere clouds, hillocks and sky, with out any music..with out any TV...just the nature...and I would say, of all the runs, this would be the best.....

Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Life - A dentist's Playground

The last 12 months have been pretty much terrible for me and my tooth ache alone contributes to around 30% of that. That's right.
As most of you guys might be aware (if not, plz check out my previous posts on Dental Woes I and II..don't miss it), going through a Root Canal Treatment was a hell of experience for me.

It did not quite end there. The problem resurfaced the other day when I started feeling pain in that tooth again. Could you believe it? Hardly 10 months after the surgery??
So, I again go to the Apollo and guess what? They say that the earlier treatment was not done properly and the doctor who did that is not working with Apollo any more!!
To get a better 'Clarity' on the situation, the chief asked me to come today for conducting a few 'tests' on the state of my tooth.
So far, my case has been reviewed by the following 'specialists':

hmmm...apparently, seems like the Apollo Clinic is going through a serious financial crunch and hence, its trying to cover up for this by making the 'Treatment' of my tooth (Right Upper 6, in technical terms), a learning experience to all its newly joined staff.
At this rate, seems like I might know each and every dentist who works at Apollo.
Every time I come for an appointment, I see a new face greeting me at the dentist’s chair. Aah…I hate that chair. Bloody the moment I sit (or lay) in it, my mouth automatically opens up and my eyes get closed.
Oh..by the way, I’ve made one interesting observation today. All the while I’m in the chair, I breathe only through my nose and not through my mouth :)
Nice discovery, isn’t it?

Anyway, they finally felt that the tooth should be removed (my god!! I'm just 24 and with one tooth less. My prospects of ever getting married are diminishing day after day :( )
The D-day is yet to be finalized but I'm pretty much nervous about this. Hope this will go off smoothly..
Thats all from me for now...need to go give a farewell to my tooth with some nicely cut, juicy mangos :)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

120 days, 120 nights

Thats it!! if you understood that, Thank You!! and if you did not, its better that way.
In case someone thinks this is a little embarrassing, Bingo!!! but honestly, who cares!!! its an achievement for me and I'm proud of it :)
I guess I will not be (...) ever in my life again...or may be I will...who knows..

PS : For ppl who are wondering about the pic, its the famous 'Death and Victory'...though a little out of pontext (pun intended), guess it goes good with many aspects of my life

All Hail Loser!!!! oops...any hands up?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The meal maker :)

okie..i'm back (after really loooooong time)
the reason for absence is nothing in specific;
i just felt that there was nothing really to put up in the blog as things were all pretty much going on and on in a round robin fashion.
obviously, the next question would be what’s new now?
Well, first, I'm living all alone again. Mom left last Sunday to viz. She might not be back for another month or so. While leaving, she made me promise I would cook for myself and avoid eating outside.
Well, initially, I thought that would be a pain but now, I'm sort of enjoying it. Believe me, cooking is the best stress buster. For one hour, you will totally forget all your troubles, issues, grievances and would live in a totally different plain.
My recipes include Upma (though it eventually turned in to a disaster), kichidi, potato smash and of course, lots of green salad...and hey, I'm also preparing some sprouts for the 'health-conscious' me :)
Though cooking is truly fun, (most often) its immediately followed by a shitty job called 'cleaning'..my god!! its so tough and uninteresting. At times, it makes me feel like avoiding cooking, in the first place..
The worst part is i realize that I pull out and use all the available ladles, spoons and dishes just to prepare one curry, only when I get to the cleaning part.

coming to consuming ( 'eating' would not be a apt word here) the stuff I prepare, well, I don't have the luxury of complaining. So ,even if the curry gets a little burnt or the upma becomes too hard even to scoop from the dish, I don't have an other choice..

But, I don't have any complaints. I’m loving this. At least, for once, I can come home and watch my fav movie peacefully with no one trying to pull the remote from my hand so that they could watch their stupid TV serials.... :)

in some unconnected news, I've joined the Blank Noise Project, a social awareness campaign against the sexual harassment in the society..
we have also started a Hyderabad chapter a week ago. Though its still very much in its nascent state, I hope this would be a fruitful venture. There are about 30 people on board so far and we are tying to rope in more.. Personally, I think we should not really go on a enrolling spree. Loads of people will only generate more noise than sense. I think we should first get people from various back groups, say software professionals, lawyers, students and social workers. Once done, we need to first prepare a scope to the project, get clarity on some vague terms and phrases, prepare a plan of action and then, move in to public.
Rushing in to get numbers in the initial stages doesn't help, particularly, when we are talking about such a debatable issue. The best example for this was the movie club. when we formed that, there were around 30 members and after the second show, we were left with just seven. Anyway, let’s see how things take shape further.

That shud have been a really long post already. I should leave

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Your true color

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What's Your True Color?

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Found this game on one of the blogs...its truly kewl... try this and let me know your personal best scores....
happy gaming

For the record, mine is 22.95 secs

Update : Found this game to be very much system dependent. Seems like there is some sort of time dilation working in the bachground ;)

and this one is the bonus :)))

Dilbert for the day :)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

life - again :(

done the interviews....flushed my mind and guess what?? All the crap that ate my brain once, has, sort of got back in there...lately, i realized that i've started complaining about everything in my life again...about my status (which apparently doesn't seem like changing from 'Single'), about my job and most importantly, about my future goals and aspirations...
the last part is particularly troubling because i've got too many dreams and its getting increasingly difficult for me to draw my life through all these...
I still don't know what i want to become...a professor? a political analyst? a social worker? a politician? a noble laureate? a member of the royal society? a Honorary Knight Commander? a philosopher? a globe trotter? or a CFO (aah...how much ever i brag about this being my life goal on my resume, believe me, its not that enticing, but for the money...hope none of my adcom members see this)...
i just wonder how people can form long term goals...i heard that some people plan for their entire lives...huh..i cannot even answer a simple question like 'where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?'...its so complicated for me...things 'Start my own company' or 'be a venture capitalist' doesn't make any sense to me....
so, what is that I want out of my life? I want money, for obvious reasons....i also want fame.. seriously.. i want to be really famous and popular...in the positive way, of course...many of my friends told me that this should be a effect rather than a cause for leading my life but thats how i see my life to be...and the third one is a very mature, beautiful, rich and understanding partner...of all, i want her to be rich. this is because most often my balance sheet ends up negative and my expenses always surpass my revenues...hence i cannot afford someone who totally depends on me financially...rather, i would prefer someone who can actually support me monetary wise(of course, only when i'm in dire necessity...huh...seems like i'm thinning out my own chances of getting married ever... :)))
other than these, i dont have any specific interest towards anything in my life...big houses, costly cars, fancy gadgets all make very little sense to me...its not that i dont care about them..its just that they don't inspire me in to being someone...
nor they are my life goals...
aah...this sucks..i must be good at something...
well, i think i need a break here...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

whatz ur dream date???

Had this interesting conversation today with my one of my friends about how we want our life partner to be?
Well, though this is the most talked (or atleast, more thought) about thing in any one's life...well, here is what i figured out only today...
Of late, I kind of found out that my interests keep changing very often...i tend to get bored at things more sooner than others usually do...so, I think my life partner should be one who is really intricate (mentality wise)...some one who is deep that I wud require a life time to understand... some one who constantly puzzles me (of course, all in the positive way)...and more importantly, who is really mature about things....i would be more than happy if she is more mature than me...(believe me, i always dream about such a date)...
and guess what my frnd's dream date would be? With one who is 100% beautiful and 0% brainy...hmmm..easy choice...huh...i should say this won't work...well, there is a reason for this...had i to go for such a female, I would be with one who matches exactly with my general perception of females...which I hate (yeah…never had any interest in such ones) I actually want someone who proves me wrong. who says there is more to a woman than mere beauty (of course, its a weighted average. everything counts)...
so, who’s on my list??? Let me see… (oh my god..can’t think of a single name…)ok…got the first one..its Norah Jones…since there are not many entires, I’m gonna leave this list open till I figure out the top 10…
well, guess thats pretty much it is...
need to get some sleep...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Finally, I'm out

Hi, I'm back to my senses again...Its 5:10 AM and I've just completed the Season 10 of friends...phew...Almost two weeks of Friends Saga culminated today...aaahh...how relaxed (and of course , sleepy) I feel now..oh god!!! Believe me, this has been really difficult period for me. I have been so deprived of sleep the past two weeks that it actually affected both my personal and work life ...But guess what, it kind of feels weird that from tomorrow, I won’t be watching Friends once I’m back from office in the evening. But that’s ok….I got to concentrate of really really important things and I’m glad I finally could spare time for them.

However, I'm sure this is going to be one of those periods of my life that I would never forget...Its like one of those days you first learnt how to ride a bike. Well, I should now term this 'era' of my life. What would it be? Say 'Ten Seasons'.
Well, that’s all from me for the moment...guess its time I need some rest :(

PS : Have changed the phrase 'Mad about Friends' to 'Ten Seasons'...this sounds better :))

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mad at Friends

Have you ever got yourself stuck to the TV for one full day? I mean, FULL day...well, today was one such day for me. Right from 11:00 AM in the morning to 10:30 in the night, I've been doing just one thing. Watching 'Friends'. Apparently, I missed my breakfast, had a couple of creamy wafers for lunch and some juice for dinner. That’s it…
Well, this is getting too much. You won't believe, I took a day off only to sit and watch this. Ok. I heard that. It does sound crazy but hmmm.. I would be more than relieved if I knew some of you guys as well do that (please tell that you do.. please). Every time I finish off one episode, I tell to myself 'This one episode and then, I'm going to stop ...' however, seems like the last episode hasn't yet arrived :) Just in case you are wondering, I'm still watching the fourth episode of fifth season while typing this message.
The worst part is that I have also picked up their accent. I was talking to this friend on phone and I observed that I was pronouncing ‘because’ as ‘Bcuzz’ rather than ‘bico(s/z)e’. Hmm..very provocative (oh no…its again prrrvactve :( )
Oh god!!! I'm getting pissed off about myself. I've got lots of work to do and study, given that my interviews may be anytime next week or the one after that. SO, I guess, I should stop fooling around myself and rather concentrate on more important things. Anyways, the day is almost over and all I can do right now is to go have some sleep.. I should rather start working from tomorrow. Hope I do that. Yeah, before I go to bed, let me finish off this last episode…

Friday, January 27, 2006

'Rang De Basanti'

The Movie Club's ninth show happened today. Guess which movie we screened? Its 'Rang De Basanti' :)
But so far, this is the best show we ever did. We collected about 20k for our NGO from this show.
Of course, it was not a cake walk though. We literally toiled for two days with out food and rest just to make sure that the show would be a success.
Till yesterday morning, things were going pretty much at normal pace. We talked to a theatre guy and fixed 2 shows, one this Saturday and the other, this Sunday. While the Saturday show was for 100 tickets, the Sunday one was for 150.
Though it was very problematic for us to split people against the shows, we didn't have any other option then.
However, at about 12:45 PM yesterday, the Prasads Multiplex Manager called me and asked me if we wanted to do the 'Rang De Basanti' show at 7:30 PM today (26 Jan) for full house (375 tickets @ 150/- each). It sounded really tempting but I was very much reluctant due to many reasons.
One, we actually paid the Sensation theatre guy the advance of 15,000/- already for which unfortunately we did not have any receipt. The second was that we were planning to do this show for a premium and already made a promise to 'Oracle Volunteers' that we would donate the extra money to an NGO called 'Lakshya Sadhana'. Third reason was that there was simply no time. The show was about 30 hours away and we have not yet started with the booking, forget about collection, allocation and distribution.
However, I some how felt this would work. I once again called him and asked him if he could reduce the price and give the tickets in partial (instead of giving us the entire full house). To my luck, he finally reduced the price to 115/- a ticket and promised us to give partial booking if the booking is more than 200. I got my deal. I took the risk and cancelled the sensation show. I opened the booking site, kept the initial count as 350 tickets, sent out the org wide mail and then, went to have my lunch. While I was in the cafeteria, I got this call asking me if there were any extra tickets available. I told them to actually book from the site and that I have just opened it up. Guess what the answer was!!! The tickets are already SOLD!!!!!!!!
350 tickets in 23 minutes flat. Phew....this is a record for us. The previous record was 'Rising' where we sold 200 tickets in 48 minutes.
I could not have my lunch any more and so, I ran up to my desk and verify this. When I opened the database, I could see all the tickets booked up.
Also, many people called us and asked us if they could be accommodated. Again, I had a decision to make. Whether or not to do a second show. I thought even this would go off. So, I arranged a second show and opened the site again for this. This time, we had about 150 bookings and I thought I would stop it there because it was already 5:00 PM and any further bookings would be a burden in terms of collection and allocation.

And then started my 'Marathon'. Things like talking to all the people, getting the money collected from employees spread across various buildings, going to the theatre for paying him, getting the tickets and sorting them out.
All my team members did a wonderful job. We were all awake till about 4:00 in the morning just to finish off the allocation.
Finally at the theatre today, we saw the result of all our efforts. Employees were really impressed by the show and congratulated us for it. Also, the amount we collected form this show surpassed the ‘Swades’ collection, which was around 15k.

About the movie, well, this is my first movie in the past 8 months. I liked it. Especially, the camera work was innovative and impressive. Also, the movie was kind of fresh in terms of screenplay, action and direction. The songs are amazing and truly moving. Particularly, the 'Thodi si Dhool Meri' was amazing....Hats off to AR. However, the story was a little narrow. Though the director wanted to draw parallels between the Indian rebel leaders(Bhagat Singh, Netaji and all) and the modern generation and how both these have and could bring a radical change in the society, the narration lacked the vigor and was like a typical bollywood movie.
All said, it’s a movie really worth watching and is a good value for money.
Thts all for now. Shall get back soon.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Still Alive....

I'm back again...
Its been really long. the reason was that I truly got bored writing about myself...seriously...off late I've been writing so many essays, God! I just wanted a break...
Well, the reason I came back today is to update you guys with the status quo of my life...
Apparently, it seems like Indian roads are not any safer for me :(
I have met with two consecutive accidents recently...
The first one happened yesterday (Saturday) in the morning when I was returning to my flat on my bike. This accident happened right in front of the St Anns school building, the exact place where a speeding bus ran over a school kid about a couple of months ago.
The irony is that this time, its a kid who is responsible for all the mess that happened.
In anxiety to cross it, he started running across the road. Seeing him, the car guy who was raging at about 60 kmph had to put a sudden break. Well, the guy behind him could not control his car and thud...he hit the first one. I was behind this second car. I didn't know what to do. All I knew was that I was wearing a helmet. So, I was not that bothered either. I knew I would not be hurt much because it was a head on collision and my 'head' was covered :)
Anyways, I ran in to his bumper and there was I, diving in the air, leaving my bike crash in to his car. For one second, I realized how tom cruise should have felt while doing all those somersaults with his bike in MI-II. I was literally catapulted from my bike and I hit the wind screen and fell on the right side. People flocked around me and wanted to see if I was still alive. God's grace, I came off with out the slightest wounds...
The funny part was that the car guy in front of me started cribbing about the entire incident even before I could reach him and give him a couple of blows for stopping the car mid-way. His problem was that he got it 'both sides' :)
Well, that was the first accident.
The second happened today and apparently, at the same location, but on the other side of the road. This time, I and dad were in my car and I was just trying to find the remote of the music player. As I was unsuccessfully searching for it, dad thought he would help me out and for a second, forgot that he was driving the vehicle and boom, he ran in to a water tanker. Once again, I jumped from my seat (that was one of the rear movements where I did not wear my seat belt) and hit my head to the windscreen ( and yeah, I almost broke it).
The bonnet got completely damaged and the left door also got jammed...hmm...need to find the insurance guy first...
Well, other than these two significant events, nothing much is happening in my life...
just taking some time out to relax..tat's it...
shall update you soon with more details..

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gandhian Thoughts

Removing this article...

Hi There!!!!

Hi again!!
Long time...ehh...
well, have been neck deep in activities these days..
still not out completely..have the last few things to patch up..
want to end this post here 'coz the next one is gonna be reeaallyyyyyyy long..

Friday, December 30, 2005

Dogbert for the Day ;)

Dilbert for the Day :)

What's your sign ???

One particular thing I've observed off late is that everyone has a unique way of signing off a message.
Well, my signature is 'Luv'. It kinds-of inadvertently makes its place in every message I post. I felt happy thinking it was kinda unique about my writing style only to realize that many others do it.
Anyways, I would like to post here some such interesting signs that I saw recently.

Ravi's Blog : ^_^
Beady's Blog : All this to be taken with a grain of salt!
Mine ;) Luv
Apart from this, there are some unique styles that I've observed in people's blog entries. While most of them tend to end their message with a greeting or a wish, many others prefer to leave behind a question for the readers.
Well, thats all for now..should work for a while ;)

Monday, December 26, 2005

Anukonunda Oka Roju

Today, I really had some gud time watching the movie ‘Anukokunda Oka Roju…’…its been ages since I saw any such interesting movie..the plot was excellent and the taking was so natural that you could empathize with every scene in the movie..
Off late, I’ve totally stopped watching movies, at least at the cinemas. You wouldn’t believe but its been more than six months that I’ve watched a movie at the theatre.
Well, while one reason is that there was no new Chiru’s movie :), the most important one is that there are no good movies around. I mean, you options are limited to two. Either a stupid college love story, which has no meaning whatsoever (at times, this dislike of mine towards such stories make me doubt about my youthfulness :( )or a hero-centric faction oriented movie..
The good thing about this movie is that the narration is fresh and enticing. The movie has a very strong backdrop and an intricate story line. This it was the life of the movie. All the actors also did a great job. In total, its certainly a movie worth watching.
In case someone is interested, plz let me know. I can share the files. Actually, these are rm-compressed. So, the size is quite low. Its around 300 MB, I guess.
Well, other than that, got nothing much to say. Need to still work on my essays. I’m eagerly waiting for the Feb ‘coz by that time, all my apps would have already gone in.
Till, then, I wait here with my fingers crossed :(

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas :)

Well, while my songs go from my cell phone to my mp3 player, I thought I would make a quick entry.
Well, first thing is that I got a w550i (Sony ericsson) recently...thnx to my bro-in-law :)
Frankly speaking, this is my first present...have never got such a thing till date :(
nyways, you can find more features about that here

Well, the best feature I feel is its walkman....man, its amazing..the sound clarity is soooo crisp and clear, I'm sure an Ipod comes no where around this..
Well, the rest things like cam(still, video), radio, voice rec and of course, the phone are all ok...kind of decent...
on the whole, i wud give this a 4 on 5.
what else?
other than this, yeah..met my college frnds today...its been reeeeeaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy years since I had such a gud time with old time buddies..
had been at their place till now...
well, tats all from me..need to get to bed...its already 3:00 AM :)
Merry Christmas..Ho..Ho..Ho..

Friday, December 16, 2005

MicroFinancial Institutions

Well, these days have been doing some research on MicroFinancial Institutions (MFIs). Thought I would put that up here and 'enlighten' u guys as well :)
Now, to the topic.

MicroFinancial Institutions are credit bodies that extend very small loans to unemployed, poor entrepreneurs and others living in poverty who are 'not bankable'. These individuals lack collateral, steady employment and a verifiable credit history and therefore cannot meet even the most minimum qualifications to gain access to traditional credit. Microcredit is a financial innovation which originated in developing countries like Bangladesh, India etc where it has successfully enabled extremely impoverished people (mostly women) to engage in self-employment projects that allow them to generate an income and, in many cases, begin to build wealth and exit poverty. Due to the success of microcredit, many in the traditional banking industry have begun to realize that these microcredit borrowers should more correctly be categorized as pre-bankable; thus, microcredit is increasing gaining credibility in the mainstream finance industry and many traditional large finance organizations are contemplating microcredit projects as a source of future growth. Although almost everyone in larger development organizations discounted the likelihood of success of microcredit when Muhammad Yunus began it in the mid 1970s, its taking giant leaps in changing the face of Rural places in developing economies.
The United Nations has declared the year 2005 as the International year of Microcredit.
In India, currently, there are around 30 MFIs, most of which are commercial. The total credit so far extended is in tune of about $450 million. This number is expected to rise by another 40-50% by next year.
More details on this very soon :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

quote for the day ;)

The word 'politics' is derived from the word 'poly', meaning 'many', and the word 'ticks', meaning 'blood sucking parasites'
- Larry Hardiman

Dilbert for the day :)

A common sighting in the Coprorate offices :)

Monday, December 12, 2005

Sorry :(

Been busy writing my essays.. :(
shall update this blog soon...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Some unconnected thoughts - 2

some unconnected thoughts on my day to day life..

1. Thanks to the Hyderabad traffic Police, we now have buffaloes as the traffic keepers...they not only stop the traffic, but also divert it and beyond all, make people feel like kicking their A*S....
Today, I got stuck in a traffic jam for nearly 1 hour only to find that the 'New Recruits' are having their lessons on the road.. :)

PS : With due respect to Traffic Police, Hyderabad :)

2. APSRTC Bus - The new rape victim

Sorry guys but my vocab is totally defying me here and I'm not able to find a better word to describe..The Jubilee Hills Road is quite billowy (if I can use) and full of crests and troughs....While I was going through this road today, I saw an APSRTC maneuvering a crest...the bus is overcrowded and I could see people hanging from the open rods at the doors. The worst part was even though the bus was struggling hard to climb the crest, not even a single guy boarded off the bus..I bet they would have reached the crest more quickly than the bus would, if they got down from the bus and walked for while..such was the speed of the bus..
now, tell me...can you find a better word than the one I used? Probably, not...I mean, I got this in my mind the moment I saw the plight of the bus...
Hence,the moral of the story is !@#$%^&* (shall leave that to you to decipher :))

Oracle Movie Club turns 1 this dec

Today, we are done with yet another movie club show...The movie Club, which started about an year ago is now eight shows old, out of which five were for a premium and the rest at cost-2-cost...
When we first came together to form the club, I was pretty much new to Oracle. I did not know any of the guys there and I was sitting all alone through out the meeting. Since most of those who attended that meeting were either members of Oracle Volunteers or Employee Club, the entire meeting went chaotic and colorful. Seeing this entire bustle, I was a bit intimidated. At the fag end of the meeting, the organizers took up the team allotment. Arul called for volunteers to the Theatre Interaction team and I was the first person to volunteer. That was the first time I opened my mouth in about 2 hrs. Post-meeting, all our team members met backstage and started a quick round of introductions. I remember, there were about 8 of us.
Soon, we started working on our first project, 'Swades'. Our team's responsibility included finding out the various theatres that would play 'Swades', talk to them and get the best deal available for the Oracle Employees.
Apart from Theatre interaction, 4 more teams were formed, namely, Marketing Team (these are supposed to sell the tickets), Survey Team (These are supposed to come up with viewer's prefs through internal surveys), Finance Team (supposed to handle all the money related issues) and finally, distribution team (supposed to distribute the tickets).
In total, the movie club had about 30 members, then. Soon after Swades was a hit (we actually raised about Rs 15,000 for charity), we started off for our next venture 'Kisna'. By this time, I saw some people dropping off the team either due to pressures at work or due to simple lack of interest. Still, we were a sizable number. Because of improper planning, Kisna show was a flop. Though we did not end up negative in our cash balances, still, we could not sell all the tickets. The un-sold tickets ate up all the money that was raised from premium.
This is when the movie club underwent a major metamorphosis in terms of members...almost two thirds of the members took a 'Sabbatical' from the movie club activities...
In this way, we were finally left with seven of us, Avi, Myself, Ajay, Manasi, Rohit, Swati and Amit.
The tough part was Arul, who was the In-charge till had, also left us because he had some other commitments. This was when he nominated me as the In charge. But truly speaking, I never found a necessity to use this anywhere ‘coz we were more like buddy group rather than a professional team. We did not need any follow ups or all those regular team building activities. Everyone was equally interested and understanding. We all were in the same page, in the sense; we all valued each other’s thoughts and ideas.

Soon, we took up more ventures like Kaal, Robots, Paheli, Rising, Salaam Namaste and Apaharan.
In this process, we also had the opportunity to work with some NGOs.
The NGOs we have worked with so far are Diya, Lakhya Sadhana, The Thalassemia Sickle Cell Society and Little Sisters of Poor.
It's a wonderful experience working with these great organizations, which have gone a long way in proving that service to humanity alone ensures deliverance of mankind.
Hope we do more such activities....
Three Cheers to Oracle Movie Club... :)